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General Information:

  • If any amount is unpaid for a period of 30 days after its original due date the Authority shall arrange for termination of public water service
  • A termination notice will be mailed to you if the amount due on your account has not been paid in full by the due date of your bill.
  • If the account is not paid in full by the due date on the termination notice a $25.00 posting fee will be added to the amount due.
  • It is your responsibility to contact the Authority office to make suitable arrangements for payment.
  • If termination of water service occurs, you must pay the past due amount in full, plus a reconnection fee, to have the water service restored.
  • Payment for reconnection must be made in cash or by credit card at the Authority office or by credit card via phone
  • The water company has up to 24 hours, after payment has been made, to provide service restoration.
Misc. Fees:
  • NSF Returned Check Charge - $20.00
  • Lien Letters - $25.00
  • Lateral Inspection Charge -  $100.00 
  • Specification Book - $10.00
  • Deduct Meter - Commercial/Industrial Customer are charged an annual fee of $240.00 for meter reading effective July 1, 2014


In an effort to reduce paper you can receive your bills through electronically via e-mail.  To sign up for this service press the paperless billing button and follow the instructions .


Payment Options:
  • Mail payment to WEWJA office.
  • In person during office Lobby hours.
  • Drop box located at front entrance of Authority office for after hours payments. No Cash Please.
  • In person at Washington Shop N Save.
  • On-Line Banking if your bank offers this service.
  • ACH payments, we can withraw the amount of your bill directly from your bank account on the due date. Obtain an ACH Authorization form by calling our office or by going to the Forms page.
  • We also accept Master Card, Visa and Discover, in person or via phone for a nominal fee.
The Washington-East Washington
Joint Authority (WEWJA)
WEWJA owns and operates a wastewater treatment plant located in South Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Wastewater generated from The City of Washington, Borough of East Washington, North Franklin Township, South Strabane Township, Chartiers Township, Canton Township are conveyed to the WEWJA facility for treatment. The effluent from this facility is discharged to Chartiers Creek under the parameters of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System. The Authority also owns, operates and maintains ten pump stations through-out the service area along with approximately 140 grinder pumps.
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