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Bill Payment and Paperless Billing


In an effort to simplify the payment process and reduce paper we offer a couple of different options to enable you to make payments to your account.  The first is our Direct Pay feature which enables the amount of your bill to be deducted directly from your designated account on the due date.  If you wish to sign up for this feature click on the Direct Pay Form button to the right.





The second which will permit you to make your payment using your Visa, Master Card, Discover. This feature can be accessed 24 hours a day.  Simply click on the button below and it will direct you to our billing website.  Simply follow the instructions to setup an online account and access the payment options.  Once you have estabished an online account you can view prior bills as well sign up to receive your bills electronically via e-mail if you wish, however it is not necessary. 

If you do not wish to make the payment online you can call 724-302-4862 at any time to make your payment over the phone.



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