Our office will be closed on the following dates:

February 21, 2022

April 15, 2022

May 30, 2022

July 4, 2022

September 5, 2022

October 10, 2022

November 11, 2022

November 24-25, 2022

December 26, 2022


The Washington-East Washington Joint Authority is directed by a five member Board of Directors. They each serve a five year term which expire on a rotating basis. The current board members are:


Mr. Terry Faust, Chairman

Mr. Michael Lyon, Vice-Chairman

Mr. Jeff Bull, Secretary

Mr. Richard Beck, Treasurer

Mr. Joe Pintola, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer


Board Meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month at 2 Wilson Avenue, Washington PA 15301,  unless otherwise indicated in the following schedule:

January 24, 2022

February 28, 2022

March 28, 2022

April 25, 2022

May 23, 2022

June 27, 2022

July 25, 2022

August 22, 2022

September 26, 2022

October 24, 2022

November 21, 2022

December 12, 2022

WEWJA is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Business Manager/Human Resources.  Click the Job Description button below for a copy of the full job description.

With the recent supply and demand for toilet paper, you may feel compelled to use other means. It's certainly ok to use a wipe, however, please remember that they do not belong down the drain! "Flushable Wipes" are not truly flushable. Please help support our aging infrastructure and remember to ONLY flush the 3 P's... Pee, Paper and Poo.

Our business office is located at:
2 Wilson Avenue,
Washington PA 15301
Office hours:
Monday through Friday
8:15 AM to 4:00 PM.
Office is closed for lunch from 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM
For after hour emergencies
please call 724-222-5490 or 911